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Brand Story

The name of HWC Coffee comes from chernozem or black soil. Black soil, which is rich in organic and nutrients, is ideal for high quality coffee bean cultivation and the brand will build upon quality.

The story of HWC Coffee began in 2016, when an enthusiastic coffee cupper, a green coffee buyer and roasters jointly established the company. During the year, they managed to set up three retail stores and a roasting factory, enabling them to have full control of product development. The company recorded amazing annual sales of 50 million in the first year of operation.

In 2017, HWC Coffee began to franchise its business, and managed to open as many as 70 stores in Taiwan by 2022, while recording an amazing 200,000 packs of drip bag coffee monthly. To raise the bar higher, HWC Coffee provides training to baristas to help them develop passion and sharpen their skills, with the aim to be Specialty Coffee Association certified brewer.

Founder Penny Lin is a SCA certified coffee cupper. She is passionate about coffee. Moreover, has a vision to serve everyone a high-quality cup of coffee. With this mission, she and her team picked the best specialty coffee beans from over 100 coffee species worldwide and subsequently established an in-house specialty coffee plantation in Panama in 2017 to further enhance coffee beans’ quality. After many years of trying, coffee roasters have finally found the best recipe in beans roasting and now marketed their products in over 20 countries worldwide.

HWC Coffee adopts the safest measure in dealing with each customers’ satisfaction. The company strives to build “one-stop” services that cover production to sales, in ensuring each of the processes undergoes a stringent criterion.

To ensure customers could enjoy a cup of high-quality specialty coffee, the company imposes a stringent process from bean cultivation, roasting quality, to the cupping. HWC Coffee hopes coffee could serve as a medium to connect people with nature, thereby reflecting the real coffee value and coffee economics (coffenomics).

Coffee is shareable with everyone that enables us to embrace happiness.

With coffee as the medium, the company strives to develop itself as a specialty coffee brand in the global arena. It also hopes to nurture young talent with innovation and professionalism to shine together in the global arena.

#Environmental sustainability
In accordance with the sustainable land use practice, the coffee farm adopts eco-friendly gardening habits, without damaging the ecosystem, whilst providing clean, safe and environmentally friendly coffee products to end users.

#Product Expert
Products go through a strict cupping process, produced by internationally certified roasting and packaging factories. In addition, SCA certified roasters check products’ quality, to ensure products are made in a sustainable and safe manner.

#Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility and land sustainability are among the key focus area apart from daily operation. While powering the brand growth and value, we hope to build a better world through our business.