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Neroli Blossom: Can you smell the Neroli ?

The HWC Coffee Malaysia as unveiled a new seasonal specialty coffee bean this September - Seasonal Specialty Coffee Bean NEROLI, which scored 93 points under the Coffee Review scale that will level up the coffee taste.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association, specialty coffee is a term used to refer to coffee that has scored over 80 points scale by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. With the commitment and dedication on specialty coffee, the Neroli series break the milestones by scoring 93 points scale, making it the highest rated coffee beans of the company. 

HWC Neroli
Taste Note: Appear as a component in a honey-like character and flower-related sweetness, with tart fruit and rich aromatic wood undertones.
Origin: Ethiopia, Kenya, and Peru
Roasted Level: Medium Light 
Process Method: Washed

Neroli Series is a medium-light roast coffee bean made by 100% Arabica beans from Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru. It features light citrus flavor with natural sweetness of honey that provides you with a sour yet refreshing feel. The long after taste will burst your sensory information that taste alone can't process, bringing your pleasure to entirely new places.

The new addition is now available at all HWC Coffee stores. With just additional RM3 - RM3.50per cup, public can opt to choose the 93-point Neroli series coffee beans as the base for their coffee based beverages. Coffee lovers can also buy the Neroli Coffee Bean through e-commerce platforms and stores at price RM90(227g) 

Customize for Drink 

Neroli Espresso          RM10.5
Neroli Cappuccino     RM14.9
Neroli Americano      RM12.5
Neroli Cold Brew      RM15.9

Customize for Drink 
Exchange Espresso Shot  RM3.50

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