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HWC Coffee Presents: HWC Kedah Special - Klasik Dalgona Karamel

In the heart of Kedah, where the vibrant culture of Malaysia meets the rich aroma of coffee, HWC Coffee is excited to announce our latest creation, exclusively for the coffee connoisseurs of Kedah. Introducing the HWC Kedah Special - Klasik Dalgona Karamel, a true fusion of tradition and modernity.

A Taste of Tradition with a Modern Twist

At HWC Coffee, we understand the importance of preserving local heritage while embracing contemporary flavours. That's why we've taken the classic Dalgona coffee and given it a Kedah twist. This unique blend combines the rich, robust taste of our signature coffee with the silky-smooth sweetness of caramel, creating a beverage that pays homage to the region's coffee culture while satisfying the modern palate.

To celebrate the launch of HWC Kedah Special - Klasik Dalgona Karamel and the grand opening of our Kedah store in Aman Central and AmanJaya , we're offering an exclusive promotion for our Kedah residents. While the original price for this delightful drink is RM 14.90 for a 16oz cup and RM 15.90 for a 20oz cup, our special promo price for Kedah is just RM 12.90 (16oz) and RM 13.90 (20oz). It's our way of saying thank you for welcoming us into your vibrant community.

Mark your calendars, as the grand opening of HWC Coffee in Aman Central, Kedah is set for October 6th. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and be among the first to savour the HWC Kedah Special - Klasik Dalgona Karamel. Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting atmosphere of our cafe while enjoying a cup of coffee that's as rich and diverse as the Malay society it serves.

So, join us on October 6th at HWC Coffee in Kedah, and let's celebrate the rich flavors and traditions of Malaysia together. We can't wait to share this unique coffee experience with you!

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