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About Us

The story of HWC Coffee starts in 2016, when Penny Lim, a group of coffee roasters and cuppers formed the company. The name of HWC Coffee ( Hei Wo) is derived from chernozem or black soil that plays a central role in high-quality bean cultivation. In 2017, HWC Coffee set up a coffee plantation in Panama, that offered full-fledged services from coffee beans cultivation to coffee roasting.

To date, the company operates 70 stores in Taiwan and markets its products worldwide. In 2017-2019, China Airlines chose HWC Coffee products as the official drinks for the presidential jets and the official souvenir for the 58th Golden Horse Awards year 2021.

In 2022, the company inked a collaboration pact with Malaysia’s largest subscription base platform Subplace to kick-start its overseas expansion push, starting from Malaysia.