Core Value | HWC Coffee
Core Value

Remaining true to its original aspiration and keeping founder Penny Lin’s business philosophy, HWC Coffee aims to bring the best coffee to everyone in the world.

#Humanism and Creativity
People-oriented, sincerity, emphasizing on employees’ development and treating customers like friends are among the core principles of the company, so both staff and customers will regard HWC Coffee as their second home.
Must identify the reason that leads to losing customers as soon as possible. We will only grow if we take advice and learn from the mistake humbly.
With taking care of each store as a mission, we must establish meaningful relationship with customers wholeheartedly. Raising the bar of service quality above our peers and customers’ expectation to demonstrate our commitment and capability.

#Professionalism and Innovation
With coffee experts and excellent services as backbone, we are able to provide “one-stop” services from beans production, cupping, roasting factory, education, sales channel and products marketing.
Through continuous innovation in operation model and products, we are striving to cultivate continuous learning culture as part of corporate value to encourage everyone to keep improving himself or herself.

#Land Value
We are committed to exploring products produced from different countries across all seasons. We are finding values in these products and the stories behind, so customers could explore the world through their taste buds.

#Coffee Aesthetics
Serving a cup of specialty coffee yet paying attention to the lifestyle being brought by the coffee culture. Beauty of life comes from within and small details, while taste would accelerate the search for beauty in things.

#Technology and Life
You should always keep your friends close! In realising the value, HWC Coffee has invented a technology based on current consumers’ trend so consumers could immerse themselves with various topics relating to coffee daily. The technology has enhanced the relationship between HWC Coffee and consumers.

#Sustainable Business Operation
Responsibility of a brand towards environment is on top of everything. Every layer within the company must execute the shared responsibility towards creating a common goal. We are aiming to position HWC Coffee as the global brand that committed in creating an authentic coffee business, promoting sustainable business model and economy growth.