Awards | HWC Coffee

HWC awarded as HQC Global Brand Award ( Halal Excellence Brand 2022/2023) on 15th July 2022


[Eco Geisha Drip Bag Coffee]
Won Most Innovative and Illustrate (Graphic) award from London International Creative Competition
Won Best Design, Packaging Gold Award, Silver Award for Illustrate category at Indigo Design Award


[Red Bean Pandan with Dragon Fruit] Won the Most Innovative Beverage under fresh fruit tea category


Awarded The Most Innovative Service award by Association of Service Industries, Taiwan


[HWC Coffee drip bag coffee gift box] Won Top 100 Taiwan souvenirs Award


[Epidemic Coffee Drip Bag Coffee] won Taiwan Top Star, Top Design under the Illustration Award


Won Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Selection Activity from Chinese Industry, Commerce, Economy, Trade Science & Technology Development Association


[Poker Kingdom Drip Coffee Gift Box]Won Most Innovative, Packaging and Technology Innovation Awards at foodNEXT FIA Award.


[Black Whirlwind Ice Cream Gift Box]
Won Top 10 souvenirs of Taichung, Most Popular and Most Popular on Internet Award
Service Innovation Award/Product Service Innovation Award
[Poker Kingdom Drip Coffee Gift Box] won London International Creative Competition Award (Honorable Mention)


Founder Penny Lim won awards at the Women Entrepreneurship Award and the Advanced Management Award in The Elite Group.


Won the Chinese Public Welfare Enterprise Golden Award


"Triple Champion Brown Sugar Bubble Caffe Latte" won the Champion and Most Popular Award at Taichung Bubble Tea Award
【Macaron series drip bag coffee gift box】
Elected as Top 100 Taiwan souvenirs Award


Won the Goldenboat Award from the National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China. Being shortlisted as the most innovative and potential brand under 10 trillion category


[Poker Kingdom Drip Coffee Gift Box]
Won German International Design Award iF Design Award
Won Gold Award at the 9th Taiwan Straits Award Ceremony


Won the Goldenboat Award from the National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, and being shortlisted as Top 20 potential brands.


Won the top 100 MVP managers in Taiwan


【Macaron series drip bag coffee gift box】
Won the most popular, word of mouth award and best halal award in Taichung Souvenirs Festival
The best halal award is recognized by Muslims community and is one of the internationally recognised certifications.


Won Gold prize in the Dutch's INDIGO Packaging Design & Product Design Award


Named as the Top 10 souvenirs in the Eighth across the Taiwan Straits Souvenirs Awards
Won Gold Award in the Franchise Brand in the Taiwan Franchise Award


The champion "Black Series" was selected as the official beverage for the China Airlines presidential jets.
The ingredients used have gone through stringent safety tests, plane safety-systems inspection, smell tests and other testing. The series gradually built up its reputation starting here.


[Dajia Mazu Co-branded Drip Bag Coffee Gift Box]
Won the First Prize in Taichung Souvenirs Festival & Most popular award


Owner of HWC Coffee farm Graciano Cruz
Won the Best of Panama champion under Traditional Natural category
Chief coffee cupper Penny Lim founded the coffee plantation and established HWC Coffee farm to ensure stable supply while creating uniqueness of the brand.