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Seasonal Coffee Bean: HWC Sauvage
HWC Sauvage: A Specialty Coffee Blend Rated 92 Points



HWC Sauvage - One of HWC's seasonal coffee beans, it has been rated as one of the high-quality specialty coffee & receiving an impressive 92 points from coffeereview.com

This unique blend combines high-quality coffee beans from three famous producing areas in Central America, namely El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

From the first sip, HWC Sauvage's aroma combined with chestnuts, toasted pine nuts, and caramel gives a distinctive experience to the senses. The flavours of roasted almond, chocolate, and liquorice candy are instantly felt, followed by the aroma and sweetness of caramel and brown sugar. Finally, the dark chocolate and clean aftertaste open a new sensory experience.

The nutty taste of Sauvage espresso perfectly matches the combination of caramel and hazelnut syrup, leaving a satisfying feeling on the palate, and elevating the flavor to a whole new level.