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HWC Specialty Drip Bag Coffee

Craving for cup of specialty coffee, but no coffee makerNo problem! We got you covered! 

Drip bags are perfect for those who are looking for an easy and quickest way to brew favorite coffee Anytime Anywhere.  All that is required is to tear open the coffee drip bag and place it over the cup, pour a cup of boiling water over it, drink and sip coffee like a pro!  

HWC Specialty Drip bag Coffee uses single-origin and blend bean coffee beans from world's top coffee producing country, which includes Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, HWC Specialty Drip Bag Coffee are freshly roasted and perfectly brewed.


Origin | Indonesia 

Roast Level | Medium Dark 

Tasting Notes | Butter, Nut, Licorice, Dark Chocolate 

Kenya & Ethiopia 

Origin | Kenya 

Roast Level | Medium 

Tasting | Red Wine, Tangerine, Blackberry, Citrusy


Origin | Ethiopia 

Roast Level | Medium Light 

Tasting | Orange Peel, Lemon, Wild Ginger, Syrup


 Brazil & Guatemala 

Origin | Brazil

Roast Level | Medium Dark 

Tasting | Chocolate, Nut, Caramel, Vanilla 

Origin | Guatemala

Roast Level | Medium Dark 

Tasting | Floral, Caramel, Cocoa, Fruity 


Colombia & Costa Rica 

Origin | Colombia 

Roast Level | Medium 

Tasting | Plum, Kiwi, Hawthorn, Grapefruit 

Origin | Costa Rica

Roast Level | Medium Dark 

Tasting | Butter, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa, Vanilla  


How To Enjoy: - 

1. Tear off the coffee drip bag along the indicated line to open it 

2. Shake it lightly to level, then place its hangers onto the cup 

3. Prepare 150cc(150ml) of hot water. Slowly pour the hot water into coffee drip just to soak the coffee for 15 seconds. 

4. Pour the remaining hot water. Rest for another 10-30 seconds before removing the coffee drip bag.


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