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HWC Coffee Launches Pour-Over Coffee with 7 Single Origins

HWC Coffee excited to announce the launch of new pour-over coffee service on International Coffee Day! This exquisite service will be available in 8 of our brand stores in the Klang Valley area with newly launched single origin specialty coffees. 

Pour-over coffee is a manual brewing method that allows for precise control over the brewing process, resulting in a cup of coffee that is rich, flavorful, and truly exceptional. Our pour-over service will feature a selection of our finest single origin coffees, freshly brewed to order by our skilled baristas.

Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or new to the world of pour-over coffee, we invite you to join us on International Coffee Day to celebrate the launch of our new service and experience the magic of pour-over coffee.

The Magic Behind Each Coffee

To truly appreciate these coffees, let's take a closer look at the magic behind each cup:

Costa Rica Dota - Smooth and mellow aroma with notes of chocolate and nuts. Ideal high-altitude conditions result in a slower ripening process and more complex flavors.

Guatemala Huehuetenango - A harmonious blend of floral undertones, caramel sweetness, cocoa richness, and fruity nuances, thanks to high-altitude coffee cultivation.

Brazil Minas Gerais - Rich flavors of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and vanilla, grown in the fertile soil of the Cerrado region.

Indonesia Gayo - Distinctive earthy and herbal notes from the lush Gayo Highlands, with volcanic soil and wet-hulled processing.

Colombia Huila - Fruity notes like plum, kiwi, hawthorn, and grapefruit, showcasing Colombia's high-quality coffee beans.

Ethiopia Yigarcheffe - Floral notes with hints of lemon, citrus, and tropical fruit, capturing the spirit of the Ethiopian highlands.

Kenya AA FAQ - Vibrant notes of tangerine, blackberry, and citrus, sourced from high-altitude growing conditions.

Locations for Coffee Bliss

Visit any of the following HWC Coffee brand stores to enjoy this extraordinary coffee experience:

HWC 1 Utama
HWC Pavilion Bukit Jalil
HWC Kepong Metro Perdana
HWC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
HWC The Gardens Mall
HWC Setia Utama
HWC Bukit Tinggi 2
HWC Bangsar Shopping Centre

Find out here –  Brand Stores Location

Pour Over Coffee Selling Price- RM24.90 (Exclude SST)

We believe that every coffee lover deserves an extraordinary coffee experience, and that's why we're pouring our hearts and souls into this new lineup. Our single origin specialty coffees are sourced from the world's most renowned coffee capitals, and we're confident that you'll love the unique and immersive coffee journey that awaits you.