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HWC House Blend: Classic No 9


Attention coffee lovers, caffeine addicts, and anyone who needs a little pick-me-up to start their day: are you tired of settling for bland, mediocre coffee that barely gets the job done? Do you long for a bold, flavourful, and satisfying brew?

HWC Classic No. 9 is a specialty coffee blend from HWC Coffee that features beans from Central America, which are roasted to perfection to bring out a rich, smoky-toned chocolate flavour, along with sweet fruit notes. 

‘Speciality coffee’ refers to coffee graded 80 points or above on a 100-point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or a licensed Q Grader (CQI). 

These coffees are considered to be at their peak, as they have been grown at the ideal altitude, during the best time of the year, in optimal soil conditions, and picked at the perfect time. This meticulous attention to detail translates into some of the world's most exquisite and flavorful coffee varieties.


But what makes our coffee truly special is not just its flavour profile - it's our commitment to sourcing and roasting the highest-quality specialty beans possible. We work with coffee producers around the world to identify the best beans for our blends, and we take care to roast them in small batches to bring out their unique flavour profiles. Our mission is to provide you with a coffee experience that goes beyond the ordinary - to awaken your taste buds and inspire your senses.

So, whether you're a coffee connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates a great cup of joe, we invite you to try our Classic No. 9 blend and taste the difference that specialty coffee can make.

Classic No. 9 Specialty Coffee Bean

100% Arabica

Graded as 91-points coffee 

Roast Level|Medium Dark

Tasting Notes|Chocolate, Nut, Caramel, Vanilla

Origin | Brazil,  Ethiopia, Columbia and Ecuador

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